CA/NV AMARS SMS Alert Registration

This registration page is only for use by existing CA/NV AMARS members.

Several methods of alerting CA/NV AMARS Members off-air are being developed and tested. In addition to the telephone tree system recently distributed, an SMS Text Alerting System is being established so it can be evaluated. Participation in this system is voluntary.

Please complete the following form if you would like to be included during this test phase. It is required that you have Cellphone service, and you need to consider the possibility of SMS service charges if text messages are not included in your service plan.

Although it is anticipated that a minimum number of SMS text messages will be sent, there will be a test message at least once per month to verify that the system is working and that the numbers being alerted are still valid.

Questions about this system should be directed to AAA9R6.

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